The Power to Create Yourself with Ross Remien and Rebos Treatment Center

Today, my spotlight shines on my Guest, Ross Remien and how he overcame addiction and not only created who HE wanted to be, but also he created REBOS.

Its Sober spelled backwards, and you will want to tune in and hear all about HOW and WHY!

Ross has a unique take on things, and offers a core team of experts so that a plan can be created to build a foundation to create & empower you… a happier, healthier version of yourself. Ross has an original take on recovery that everyone should hear.

Please join us and listen!

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Ross Remien

A Conversation with Writer and Director Darren Stein about his life, coming out, and his classic cult film, JAWBREAKER.

The spotlight shines on Darren Stein, Writer and Director, as we discuss the cult following of his classic film “Jawbreaker” and the meaning and message of his film “GBF” among his other projects.

Please join us as we talk about how Darren began as a filmmaker, what it is like to “come out” to one’s family and to others, public displays of affection, issues in the LGBT community that are issues affecting all humans, and what drives him as a powerful individual in the film industry.

Listen in and come along on his journey from his childhood to becoming a respected, revered, talented and recognized force in film.

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Darren Stein

Healthcare Disparities in America with Dr. Richard Allen Williams

Today the spotlight is on my very Special Guest, Dr. Richard Allen Williams, incoming President of the National Medical Association.

He is, incidentally, also my Father, and I’m extremely proud of that! We will be discussing extreme Healthcare Disparities in America, and their root causes.

We will also discuss with Dr. Williams what it was like to be the very first Black cardiology fellow ever at Harvard University, and what it was like for him to overcome so much, coming from a background that did not have many of the advantages that some of us easily take for granted.

He is truly an empowering and prolific Renaissance Man. Join us for an especially empowering and touching show today!

Guest Information

Dr. Richard Allen Williams, MD, FACC, FAHA, FACP