You Have a Choice: A Conversation with Leanna Lapidus

You Have a Choice: A Conversation with Leanna Lapidus, Cht., Author, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist about her Best-selling book ‘You Have a Choice’ and how to End Suffering and Start Living.

Leanna Lapidus is a solution focused LifeCoach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, as well as the best selling author of You Have a Choice: The Proven 5 Step Method To End Suffering and Start Living.

Leanna is also a proud mother of two beautiful children Maya and Michael whom she raised on her own. In addition to her private practice at LifeCoach and Hypnotherapy by Leanna Lapidus, she also works at Passages Addiction treatment center located in the heart of Malibu, helping thousands of clients along with their families to transform.

She takes their darkest addictions and anxieties, where then she guides them to hope and freedom. Leanna became passionate about helping others when she underwent her own transformation from depression combined with paralyzing fear, to being able to live her life with purpose and meaning! Leanna is a gifted Hypnotherapist who holds a natural intuitive ability to easily understand her clients’ emotional states, she educates her clients on how to use their mind correctly, opening the mind to a new way of thinking by introducing them to their inner world! Leanna’s warm, compassionate, caring nature is well recognized by her clients.

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Leanna Lapidus, CHt.