LGBTQ+ Counseling

For LGBTQ populations, who may have faced discriminationbullying, or ostracism by their families and communities as a result of their sexuality, it can be especially difficult to discuss sexuality issues.

This challenge is sometimes more pronounced among twenty-somethings, many who have not yet come out to their parents or who are stepping out into the world of dating, the complications of their social lives, and coming out to loved ones.

Dr. Delaney is trained and familiar with working closely with the LGBTQ community for over a decade. She has worked with The Trevor Project, and she is one of the celebrity faces of the Adam Bouska NOH8 Campaign, the anti-bullying campaign against Prop 8 and has participated in every march.

Danielle is a Human Rights and equal rights Activist and public speaker for these basic human rights and causes. Some episodes of her radio show have been dedicated to these important topics.