Plan D Wellness & Recovery

Your life is extraordinary and unusual in many ways. Your wellness and recovery plan needs to be, as well.

Plan D Wellness and Recovery is a group of skilled, trained and dedicated professionals who focus their work on helping others to face, heal and recover from traumatic pasts, alcoholism, addictions and other mental health and behavioral issues.

Our goal is to lead clients to experience the empowerment of a healthy and recovery-integrated life.

A customized plan for each client is created with their individuality in mind. Many of our clients have been to multiple treatment facilities where key elements were skipped or overlooked, and where that “plan” didn’t work. Neither have the efforts that followed. Welcome to Plan D.

This is a bespoke, curated concierge wellness and recovery experience for the A-list.

From a specific set of dietary needs to a unique set of circumstances, we
understand that integrating the plans laid out for you by inpatient facilities
is very difficult when you return to your more complicated day-to-day existence. This is why incorporating healing into your daily home life from the beginning is the best way to guide our unusual clientele to finding lasting results and true change.

We have trained personnel to assess, intervene, consult, coach and customize, and to case manage life changes that will help the client to stay the course in the long term. We have an exclusive program that gets results.

We counsel and consult in the fields of health and herbalism, recovery coaching, lifestyle wellness and treatments, wellness of the mind, body, soul & spirit; we show you healing wellness tools and create private treatment plans. We do consulting by telephone and in person; we design a plan that is just for you. Much of the recovery is in-home, or in an alternate location decided upon by the client in conjunction with their personal Wellness Concierge…this eliminates the need for a 90-day treatment stay at an inpatient facility. We provide all of the perks with none of the inconvenience, and this is completely tailored and personalized to each client’s situation and circumstance. We can work with you anywhere on the planet.

There are trained counselors, coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists standing by to support you. In addition, we provide nutritional support and naturopathic assessments, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and other modalities of healing upon request. No stone is left unturned in the path to your highest self and your ultimate wellness and recovery. We work with you in your aftercare program, and create long-term results.

More information about the exclusive Plan D Wellness and Recovery Program can be discussed in detail with Dr. Delaney upon request.