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Focus on Keys To Recovery Newspaper, Jeannie and Marcus Marshall

Jeannie Rabb-Marshall and Marcus Marshall are the Founders of the extremely popular and ever-informative newspaper, Keys to Recovery.

As it explodes in growth exponentially every year and informs the recovery community regarding topics on ALL types of addictions and about issues such as homelessness and domestic violence, Jeannie and Marcus continue to be notably kind and extremely humble.

These two people are a testament to how spreading the message of HOPE and recovery has caused their own growth as well as has endeared them to millions in need of their support.

They distribute truly everywhere, from Skid Row & prisons to luxury treatment centers. They are everybody’s demographic, and their combined skills and personality set them apart. They supply a free resource guide of hotlines and shelters in every issue.

Their dear friend, the charming actor and comedian Alonzo Bodden joins us in this exceptional interview of two exceptional people & their selfless life’s work.

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Keys To Recovery Newspaper | Alonzo Bodden | Jeannie Rabb-Marshall | Marcus Marshall

The Esteemed Dr. Gayle M. Randall, MD Discusses her Approach to Leaky Gut and Creating Health From The Inside Out

I will be talking about healing leaky gut and autoimmune disease as well as wellness from the inside out with the famed Dr. Gayle Madeleine Randall, who has 35 years of experience as a physician, scientist, and is a true medical visionary.

She was Associate Professor of Medicine at UCLA when her interest in non-traditional forms of medicine inspired her to become proficient in numerous alternative healing modalities.

Dr. Randall is certified in Internal, Integrative and Functional Medicine.

She is also a Gastroenterologist and her practice focuses on optimizing the functioning of the body, particularly the gut, using holistic methods based in science. This proactive systems-oriented approach focuses on the root cause of illness rather the western focus on symptoms.

Our additional very special Guest today is Actress/Singer Jennifer Hale, who is a patient of Dr. Randall & who has built an incredible vast resume, appearing in hundreds of cartoon episodes and over 175 video games.

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Dr. Gayle Madeleine Randall, MD | Jennifer Hale

Part 2: A Continued Conversation with Keith A. Somers of KASIF About his Foundation and Personal Identity

Today I will continue where I left off speaking with my wise Guest, Keith A. Somers, Founder of KASIF, about how and why he founded his organization.

We will discuss what the impact of his public speaking and his Foundation has been and what it can continue to become, and the meaning of “identity” for each one of us and how we define ourselves as we go through our lives. Keith has faced and risen above much adversity, and his work is a testament to what can be overcome and accomplished with dedication.

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Keith A. Somers