Sobriety Support

Becoming and staying sober are challenges often faced by survivors of trauma. In these situations Dr. Delaney provides excellent support, advice, and experienced coaching.

Intervention Facilitation

Danielle and her staff of trained and certified Interventionists have a vast knowledge of and expertise in what it takes to channel energy in a consistent manner to get a family member or loved one into treatment.

An intervention is an exhibition of caring and love on the deepest level.

Being able to enter and negotiate in a non-territorial manner, to coax and convince a loved one into realizing that they are damaging themselves and their friends and/or family in a very dangerous way, is a very delicate undertaking.

This is usually a two day process, involving loved ones and what they would like to say, how they are being affected, and navigation of what will lead to successful resolution.

Emotionally inspiring the individual to take responsibility and to take the next step is the desired outcome. Anyone is capable of transformation. Creating a liaison between the suffering individual and their family and each of their respective pain is necessary.

Danielle and her staff have an excellent success rate and work with top rated inpatient facilities internationally & worldwide. The intervention involves the pre-intervention and transporting and accompanying the patient to the desired inpatient facility for treatment.

Sober Companions

DDC, Inc. provides Sober Companioning at an unprecedented level. Working with top inpatient facilities internationally, trained Sober Companions are available to fit any need and to attend any event, and are available for travel, business or otherwise.

Trained counselors or Interventionists or Nurses are carefully selected and dispatched by Dr. Delaney to assist clients in need of this invaluable service.

Supporting recovery and the client’s particular lifestyle is of utmost importance, as is discretion. Effective treatment with a top facility often requires companionship to be truly successful in creating long-term change and structure, and a Sober Companion accompanying a patient to their home for a stint after treatment has often proven to be a winning combination.


Dr. Delaney is a Sober Coach and Counselor. She assists in an active program of personal recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and other obsessive, compulsive and self-destructive behaviors.

This includes 12-step as well as non 12-step approaches, depending on the preference and willingness of the client. Traditional as well as non-traditional, holistic modalities are implemented. A truly service-oriented, professional concierge method of coaching and counseling aid in bridging the chasm between residential treatment and a sober, successful, healthy life free from the obsession of using drugs and drinking alcohol to cope.

DDC, Inc. has an impressive track record of working with both celebrities and with other high net worth individuals. Legally mandated confidentiality applies. Counseling is available in person or by telephone sessions and via Skype.

Antabuse Compliance

When a client is taking Antabuse as a deterrent from drinking, it can be extremely helpful to have daily contact with a Counselor in order to remember to take the medication as well as to discuss transitional changes and the need for this medication in the first place.

Antabuse compliance in person or via telephone is an effective tool in managing self-destructive behaviors and changing them permanently.