Plan D Wellness & Recovery

We are a group of skilled, dedicated professionals who focus on helping others face, heal and recover from traumatic events, pasts, alcoholism, addictions and other mental health and behavioral issues.

Crisis Counseling

Danielle and staff of certified Interventionists have a vast expertise in what it takes to get a family member or loved one into treatment.

Sobriety Support

Sober Companioning at an unprecedented level; we work with top inpatient facilities internationally. Our trained Sober Companions are available to fit any need, attend any event, and are available for travel.

LGBTQ+ Support

For the LGBTQ+ community facing discrimination, bullying, or ostracism by their families and communities as a result of their sexuality.

Life Stage Support

Life can throw curveballs at us when we least expect it, and part of Danielle’s effective guidance is her expertise in helping clients cope with these sudden changes.