Client: Syd Wilder

Syd Wilder

My experience with being in treatment with Dr. Danielle Delaney has been lifesaving.

She has come through when & where others are totally unavailable, and it is not for lack of work or that she has any sort of “extra” time — she is always on the go and she is under tremendous pressure, but she stops and MAKES the time when others don’t; and is clear, concise, and supportive when I need her.

NEVER have I had a doctor or therapist/counselor on whom I could count to be so steady and so helpful to me at any hour of need in the manner that she has been. This unusual courtesy has been extended to my entire family.

She has been a liaison to people in my life when we needed her desperately.

I have looked to her guidance through untimely deaths of loved ones, several of my own health crises, and in emergencies. I can’t imagine how she manages to do it all and run her practice and her companies.

She makes things beyond comfortable & I feel soothed and at ease in her presence, and because of the depth of her own personal experience with trauma, I feel more safely understood by her than by others, as well as in knowing that she is invested in my healing and clearly shows her care for me.

She is well-trained and highly educated most certainly, but I find that her natural instincts with her patients as well are absolutely second to none.

Dr. Danielle Delaney faithfully & repeatedly DAZZLED me & my family with her level of care. Whether rushing to my side during illness & hospitalization and taking charge, or taking a midnight family session, she has never made me feel like an inconvenience.

Rather, I’ve felt nothing but honesty and deep respect emanating from her.

I can say with sincerity I’d not be where I am in my life today if not for Danielle’s cautious care with me. Her book “Expect Delays” about reclaiming your soul after trauma will help to heal and to save so many from harm.

I have no doubt that Danielle’s star will continue to rise and to brightly shine. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you are holding her book in your hands.

With deepest gratitude,

 – Syd Wilder