Colleague: Christina Adams

Danielle Delaney is a highly regarded person of her industry. This work is her passion and she is uniquely dedicated.

It is her experience as well as her personal touch and style in helping others that will always set her apart and well above the rest. Her availability and mobility as a Concierge Counselor are a huge asset, as she is able to travel where she is needed and be physically present.

Some of the life experiences that she has endured and which have shaped her world have made her that much stronger, and that much more compelling as an expert at helping others to heal in various ways.

As a professional colleague and friend, I am struck by her integrated professionalism and compassion.

She truly impacts individuals in a way that is multi- faceted and that demonstrates her commitment and willingness to go the extra mile to transform lives. Observing her as a Sober Coach and Counselor, Crisis Counselor and Life Coach, I will not hesitate to recommend her as Best In Show in her field.

Danielle is a person who will stop at nothing to facilitate her clients to higher purpose and performance. Her volunteer interests and past experience highlight her stellar abilities. Danielle is a compelling speaker and writer with outstanding credentials and a spotless track record in guiding others in making sense of the chaotic world around them.

 – Christina Adams

Staff Nurse, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center