Colleague: Dr. Gayle M. Randall, M.D.

Dr. Gale M. Randall

I have come know Danielle Delaney quite well over the last several years.  I first met her through her skills as an interventionist. I was instantly drawn to her incredible ability to see the big picture and the ease with which she communicates so effectively to colleagues and clients alike. 

Recently in August of 2017 I worked closely with her on a radio show and was again thoroughly impressed with her skills as a talk show host.  Since then we have worked as cooperative colleagues to help heal and guide patients through addiction, trauma, physical challenges and more.

Danielle is truly dedicated and is one of the most talented and skilled therapists with which I have had the pleasure of working.

She comes from the heart and wraps her amazing experienced intellect around her approach making her “in it to win it” for any client she takes on.

Despite her busy schedule she is extremely available and approachable and embraces the care of each person she commits to as if they were her only client.

– Dr. Gayle Madeleine Randall, M.D.

Integrative, Functional and Internal Medicine