A Conversation With Elan Carter Price about Bullying in Private Schools and How the System can create Change

The Spotlight this week is on the stunning bright light that is Elan Carter-Price, formerly a successful Model and Actress who is now finding additional success as a Producer and Writer. Elan is the owner of TracingLondon Entertainment Productions.

She is an outspoken advocate for Anti-Bullying Campaigns in schools. This is an empowering conversation about Bullying and about what needs to change in the school system.

She will discuss private vs public school experiences, how race and parental status play into the equation, as well as what advocates can do.

Please tune in and listen and learn, as Elan shares some of her personal experiences and anecdotes about Bullying as a child herself, and what she witnesses in the schools currently, as a parent.

Guest Information

Elan Carter Price