A Discussion With Dezetta Burnett, LCSW: Motherhood and Work: How to Balance The Most Important Job in the World with a Thriving Career

Today, my esteemed Guest, Dezetta Burnett, LCSW will discuss how she empowers her clients to live a life of their dreams while simultaneously leading the busy life of Motherhood — with all of its joys, ups and downs, expectations, responsibilities and the daunting judgements of others.

Motherhood is the most important position in this world in my eyes.

The future leaders and inhabitants in the world are in the hands of those who are, or serve as, parents to the children of our world. Not being a parent myself, I knew the best person to speak to about this position would likely be a Psychotherapist who is also a busy single parent.

Tune in to hear the educated opinion of one who does it all, and with grace.

Guest Information

Dezetta M. Burnett, LCSW