Focus on Keys To Recovery Newspaper, Jeannie and Marcus Marshall

Jeannie Rabb-Marshall and Marcus Marshall are the Founders of the extremely popular and ever-informative newspaper, Keys to Recovery.

As it explodes in growth exponentially every year and informs the recovery community regarding topics on ALL types of addictions and about issues such as homelessness and domestic violence, Jeannie and Marcus continue to be notably kind and extremely humble.

These two people are a testament to how spreading the message of HOPE and recovery has caused their own growth as well as has endeared them to millions in need of their support.

They distribute truly everywhere, from Skid Row & prisons to luxury treatment centers. They are everybody’s demographic, and their combined skills and personality set them apart. They supply a free resource guide of hotlines and shelters in every issue.

Their dear friend, the charming actor and comedian Alonzo Bodden joins us in this exceptional interview of two exceptional people & their selfless life’s work.

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