Dr. Danielle Delaney, Crisis Counselor, Addiction & Recovery Aftercare Specialist and Interventionist Releases Her First Book, “Expect Delays: How to Reclaim Your Life, Light and Soul After Trauma”

Raymond Aaron Group​ announces author Dr. Danielle Delaney’s award-winning new book detailing the roadmap to recovery from personal trauma.

Taking enough time to heal from personal trauma and emerging stronger from the experience is the subject of a new book by Crisis Counselor, Doctor of Theology, Addiction Aftercare Specialist, Interventionist, Public Speaker, Media Personality and now Author, Dr. Danielle Delaney. In EXPECT DELAYS: How to Reclaim your Life, Light and Soul After Trauma, Dr. Delaney draws upon her own life experiences, including the lessons she has learned about how to survive deep trauma and some of the common stumbling blocks to avoid, creating a roadmap for you to follow.

Using concrete imagery from driving and construction, Dr. Delaney describes to you the journey that you must take to come out on the other side of trauma, not only intact but having regained and reclaimed your sense of purpose, self, and your joy for life. This book will appeal to anyone who has had (or, who loves anyone who has had) a traumatic and life-changing experience, such as being the victim and survivor of a violent crime, rape, molestation, human trafficking, domestic violence, natural disaster, and/or struggling with addiction or chemical dependency. EXPECT DELAYS gives you the tools that you need to stay on the road to recovery, or to find it yet again.

As an experienced Counselor with her own private practice, her own Sober Companioning Corporation, as well as her production company and her podcast, Dr. Delaney hosts a weekly radio show on the World Leader in Internet Media, VoiceAmerica, on the Empowerment Channel. Passionate about counseling survivors of trauma, she works in the fields of Addiction and Recovery Aftercare, rape crisis, and provides intervention services and Sober Companions for clients in recovery internationally.

“I want you to know that you can heal from deep trauma and that the delays caused by the trauma are to be expected…take your time to heal.”


Dr. Delaney has appeared as an expert guest on numerous radio and television shows worldwide, and is a gifted public speaker. A former model and voiceover artist with twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry, she uses her communication skills to great effect in this well-written and award-winning book. Danielle says her book is for everyone who has ever experienced trauma and also for their loved ones: “I want you to know that you can heal from deep trauma and that the delays caused by the trauma are to be expected…take your time to heal.

Danielle’s book represents the realization of her global efforts to help survivors, spearheaded by her private practice and her own Sober Companioning Corporation, which operates internationally.

She is recognized as an Addiction and Recovery Aftercare professional, trauma specialist and Interventionist of the highest repute, having specialized in providing exclusive, private care to celebrities as well as other high net worth individuals. One movie star client referred to her on the air as ‘the female and non-criminal version of television’s “fixer,” Ray Donovan,’ and as ‘a modern-day, feminine and tough version of James Bond.’ The famous guest said, “She gets it done. Plus, being born and raised in L.A. and while she is a complete stunner with presence and who seems totally oblivious to her effect on others, Dr. Danielle Delaney is so very acclimated to the unique challenges of celebrity & wealth that she has become ‘Malibu’s Most Wanted’ for interventions and for trauma counseling. She has an entirely uncanny knack for helping those that others could not reach, to finally heal.”

The expertise that Danielle has utilized in her extremely discreet work with many of the especially troubled, well-known, wealthy and famous will be expanded upon on a scale which is unprecedented, in the form of EXPECT DELAYS: How to Reclaim Your Life, Light and Soul After Trauma.

In ten clearly written chapters, Dr. Delaney offers guidance to you, the reader, who has experienced something that has “demolished your life as you knew it,” and describes the emotional and possibly physical wounds and financial setbacks this causes and the difficulties in getting the appropriate kind of help, support and justice. The chapters that follow ‘Chapter 1: Demolition’ look at the ways to seek help, the missteps to avoid and for which to be prepared, and the importance of acknowledging that the healing process indeed takes time. Making positive life changes while coming to terms with the traumatic experiences are other areas covered. EXPECT DELAYS provides you with practical steps, adjustments, and tools to move forward with your life.

There is also an Expect Delays App in development currently, with additional healing tips and guidance that can be utilized in your healing process and as a means to find treatment. Please follow Dr. Danielle Delaney on her social media listed below and on her websites to be alerted when the App has launched and can be downloaded.

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