Real Deal Show “Drug-Assisted Rape: A Disturbing Trend on the Rise” brings kudos from RadioMD editor

Sexual Assault: A Crisis Sweeping the Nation

Thursday, November 12

Danielle – A few weeks ago, I watched a video of Lady Gaga’s song, “Til It Happens to You,” and I was incredibly moved.

And angry. And really, really sad.

It’s an extremely powerful video that shows the devastating effects of sexual assault. I immediately downloaded the song, and now, whenever it pops up in my playlist, I am reminded of how relevant this issue is in our current society.

From the increasing number of assaults on college campuses, to the aftermath and disgusting details of celebrities like Bill Cosby and Darren Sharper, there’s no denying that this disturbing trend needs to be addressed, and soon. Let’s not forget the shocking promotional efforts of Bloomingdale’s’ with its print campaign saying: “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.”

What the WHAT?

Guest of Rewired Radio, Danielle Delaney, knows firsthand how debilitating sexual assault can be, as she was a victim herself. She is now a rape crisis counselor and recently joined host Erica Spiegelman to share some information about sexual assault and drug-assisted rape.

First, a infuriating statistic: over 15,000 cases of drug-assisted rape are seen in ERs every year… and that’s probably not even half of the actual cases. Drug-assisted rape is extremely difficult to prove, and oftentimes the lack of knowledge or resources in the ER can only add to the disbelief.

The substances that are used are odorless and tasteless. Even if you’re not drinking alcohol, your beverage can be compromised. Don’t put faith in the integrity of the bartender, either. They often get paid to do a patron’s dirty work… which is what happened to me once in New York. Fortunately, I had my husband with me, and he kept me safe.

Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know (or someone you don’t trust). And, trust your gut. It’s sometimes the one thing that will prevent you from getting into a bad situation. As Danielle puts it, you don’t want to be saying “I knew it, I knew it…” but rather “I know it.”

If you have been a victim, there are people who can help… people like Danielle. But, make sure you specifically ask for a rape counselor, as not every therapist is skilled in these types of crises. You will suffer from triggers at different times throughout the year and in different situations, so it’s important to have a counselor who can help you navigate that. If you know someone who has been assaulted, Danielle says the most important thing you can do is to believe them.

Danielle has such great information on this topic; as I said, much of it firsthand knowledge. I encourage you to take a listen to the segment, whether you’re male or female, young or old. No one is immune from the impact of sexual assault.

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