Life Coaching

In her role as a Life Purpose Coach, Danielle shines at lighting up a path to a bright future!

Life-Stage Transitions

When life-altering events take place at different stages of one’s life, coping can be challenging. Danielle compels her clients to work on healthy coping mechanisms and provides support & insight throughout transitions such as divorce, the end of relationships, mid-life crises, issues within relationships and marriages, and age-related growing pains. She helps to clarify direction in one’s life. Counseling is available in person, by telephone or via Skype.

LGBT Issues

Different people in different communities have different needs. Danielle has specialized and sensitive training and has proudly worked with the GLBT community for over a decade and can assist in navigating through the particular challenges and emotions of coming out, relationships with partners and family, and trans community issues.

Adults Molested as Children

Being violated at a young age has difficult and lasting consequences for the adult who is trying to manage the fear, rage and sadness at the reality that inevitably follows after such a painful and unforgivable experience. Danielle specializes in counseling and supporting those who have been through this soul-crushing experience and can help the client to resume their life being able to understand that while this is tragic, they can drastically change their self-image, self-worth, and engage in a self-loving way of living. While there is no expectation of “getting over” this experience, there is a path of getting through the aftermath and re-inventing oneself to live a life of joy and peace. Danielle can guide her clients to navigate and to walk this difficult path.