Oscar Winner Lou Gossett Jr. Discusses his ERACISM Foundation and Keith A. Somers Educates us about his Foundation, KASIF

The One and Only Legendary Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr., Creator & Founder of the ERACISM FOUNDATION, and Keith A. Somers, Founder of The Keith A. Somers International Foundation both join me today to tell their powerful stories which have led each of them to continually work to make the world a better place.

It is an honor and a pleasure to hear both of their stories, and I invite you to join me for an intense and extremely educational and empowering episode.

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Louis Gossett, Jr. | Keith A. Somers

Breast Implant Toxicity in 1 in 4 Women: A Frank Discussion with Alex Charfen, Thought Leader, Author, Co-Founder and CEO of CHARFEN

The Spotlight today shines on the compelling Alex Charfen. We will be discussing Breast Implant Toxicity, a topic that is seldom discussed and needs far more exposure.

Alex is co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, a training, education and consulting organization for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

To reach optimal performance in any single area, Alex believes entrepreneurs must have congruency throughout their health, relationships and business.

This perspective led Alex and his wife Cadey to examine their health holistically, and eliminate elements of their environment -like breast implants- that were causing toxicity and pain in their lives. Together, Alex and Cadey counsel and coach entrepreneurs around the world to maximize their potential, and limit the pressure, noise and pain they tolerate on a daily basis.

Alex is regularly called upon to share his unique insights and perspectives with major media outlets, including MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

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Alex Charfen | Dr. Edward P. Melmed

A Conversation About Green Clean Healthy Beauty with Stacey Stilts, Founder and Owner of Green Line Beauty Natural Organic Skincare and Cosmetics, a Pioneer in Green Beauty and Wellness.

Today, the Spotlight is on my Guest, Stacey Stilts, who is the Founder and Owner of Green Line Beauty, Natural, Organic Skincare and Cosmetics.

Located in the heart of Melrose Avenue and trendy West Hollywood, California, her store has become the go-to store for a long list of male and female celebrities, parents, and health-conscious others interested in completely cruelty-free, completely chemical free and healthy skincare and beauty products.

We will discuss the hows and the whys — reasons why our skin, our largest organ and what we put on it, can affect our health and our lives in extreme ways leading to glowing health or to extreme illness and disease.

Listen in to an empowering conversation, and learn about how to take charge of your health, and how all of this information affects the environment in which we all must live.

Stacey Stilts and I both believe firmly that humans must stop treating this planet and our bodies as though we have another! Now is the time for change!

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Stacey Stilts

A Discussion With Dezetta Burnett, LCSW: Motherhood and Work: How to Balance The Most Important Job in the World with a Thriving Career

Today, my esteemed Guest, Dezetta Burnett, LCSW will discuss how she empowers her clients to live a life of their dreams while simultaneously leading the busy life of Motherhood — with all of its joys, ups and downs, expectations, responsibilities and the daunting judgements of others.

Motherhood is the most important position in this world in my eyes.

The future leaders and inhabitants in the world are in the hands of those who are, or serve as, parents to the children of our world. Not being a parent myself, I knew the best person to speak to about this position would likely be a Psychotherapist who is also a busy single parent.

Tune in to hear the educated opinion of one who does it all, and with grace.

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Dezetta M. Burnett, LCSW