A Conversation with Evan Haines of Alo House Recovery Centers: Solving the Riddle of Addiction

Today I will be speaking with my equally charming and knowledgeable Guest, Evan Haines, about what he has coined ‘solving the Riddle of Addiction.’

He is co-founder of an innovative drug treatment program called ‘Alo House Recovery Centers’, formerly known as Acadia Malibu.

Evan grew up with addiction problems all around him, and for many years suffered from his own issues. He then embarked on a years-long recovery journey. And along the way, Evan became ‘obsessed,’ as he puts it, with solving ‘the riddle of addiction treatment.’ We will discuss both his and my journey, personally and professionally, in this area.

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Evan Haines

You Have a Choice: A Conversation with Leanna Lapidus

You Have a Choice: A Conversation with Leanna Lapidus, Cht., Author, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist about her Best-selling book ‘You Have a Choice’ and how to End Suffering and Start Living.

Leanna Lapidus is a solution focused LifeCoach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, as well as the best selling author of You Have a Choice: The Proven 5 Step Method To End Suffering and Start Living.

Leanna is also a proud mother of two beautiful children Maya and Michael whom she raised on her own. In addition to her private practice at LifeCoach and Hypnotherapy by Leanna Lapidus, she also works at Passages Addiction treatment center located in the heart of Malibu, helping thousands of clients along with their families to transform.

She takes their darkest addictions and anxieties, where then she guides them to hope and freedom. Leanna became passionate about helping others when she underwent her own transformation from depression combined with paralyzing fear, to being able to live her life with purpose and meaning! Leanna is a gifted Hypnotherapist who holds a natural intuitive ability to easily understand her clients’ emotional states, she educates her clients on how to use their mind correctly, opening the mind to a new way of thinking by introducing them to their inner world! Leanna‚Äôs warm, compassionate, caring nature is well recognized by her clients.

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Leanna Lapidus, CHt.

Television Icon and Author Todd Bridges: Overcoming Drug Addiction, Childhood Sexual Abuse and Childhood Stardom A Discussion about his book, KILLING WILLIS

I am delighted that a true survivor, Actor, Author and TV Icon of 46 years, Todd Bridges, will be here on my show.

The discussion will include his book, ‘KILLING WILLIS: From Diff’rent Strokes to the Mean Streets to The Life I Always Wanted’ and his years on Diff’rent Strokes, Roots, The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, his appearance on OPRAH, the trauma and repercussions of his childhood molestation and abuse, drugs, criminal charges and being defended in court by Johnnie Cochran, his success in overcoming drug addiction… and his continuing career success that he enjoys today while headlining, hosting and performing in Las Vegas.

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Todd Bridges

Rape Culture,The Joyful Heart Foundation, Rape Crisis and Human Trafficking Across the Globe – An Epidemic. A Conversation with Natasha Alexenko and Rajiv Uttamchandani

A powerful and empowering episode about survival & activism.

We will be discussing Rape Culture in America, Rape Crisis, Human Trafficking, sex crimes, and the work ahead of us to stop these either deadly or entirely life-altering epidemics.

Natasha and Rajiv will both provide us with information and some instruction on how to advocate and support others, and Natasha & I will tell our own personal stories of survival as well and guide others in coping with the surreal trauma response that is the aftermath of surviving rape.

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Natasha Alexenko | Rajiv Uttamchandani