A Conversation about Addiction and Recovery Treatment with Richard Taite, Founder and CEO of Cliffside Malibu

Today, my Spotlight shines on my very knowledgable and very sought-after Guest, Richard Taite, Founder and CEO of Cliffside Malibu.

On the heels of his excellent and informative interview about the opioid epidemic on ‘Real Time With Bill Maher,’ Richard sits down with me to discuss that topic, as well as the Affordable Care Act, Parity and Legislature issues around insurance and recovery that are seldom discussed openly in the healthcare space.

Richard has tons of experience in this area, and is revered and respected as an expert on these topics. He was also featured in the documentary ‘Prescription Thugs’ released nationwide earlier this year, currently on Netflix and iTunes, as the preeminent addiction expert in the healthcare space.

This is an episode that anyone working in Healthcare should be sure to tune in to hear.

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Richard Taite

A Discussion With Eve Shpak, Founder of Manifest University, about manifesting Happiness and Success as well as discussing Extinction and Our Environment

Today, the Spotlight is on Eve Shpak, Founder of Manifest University, who is an Expert in the field of Manifestation & Paradigm Shifting and creating a life of happiness & success in meeting goals by committing to her proven system that yields results.

Eve is also an Expert speaker on the topic of Conservation, so we delve into some conversation about the environment, wildlife and extinction.

Eve discusses this in a clear & succinct manner that makes obvious sense and explains how every last human being and child is affected by this, and what we must do to change the trajectory and to save our ecosystem.

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Eve Shpak

A Candid Discussion with Five-time Emmy Winner Sheila Hamilton about Suicide and Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness and her book, ‘All The Things We Never Knew’

Today my spotlight shines brightly on Sheila Hamilton, FIVE-time Emmy Award Winner and morning show host at the Top Rated rock station in the United States, KINK-FM in Portland.

Sheila is the Author of “All The Things We Never Knew” and we will be discussing her book about her late husband’s suicide, mental illness, and the fragile line between reality and madness.

We will discuss the stigma around Mental Illness and Suicide, Mental Health Advocacy, and what needs to change in the healthcare system and in our attitudes to save lives around us.

This is an important show about raising awareness that everyone should hear.

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Sheila Hamilton

A Chat with AJ Benza about his knowledge of the gritty side of the Entertainment Industry and How to stay safe within that world

This week, my spotlight shines on my charming and wonderfully infamous Guest, the one and only AJ Benza.

Join us as we discuss some of the hidden truths about the entertainment industry and the lurking dangers within, as well as how to stay safe within that world, and some words of caution, wisdom and education for those seeking to enter it.

Always wonderfully bluntly candid and frank, AJ gives his unapologetic opinions, and knows how to tell quite a riveting tale. Come and join us as a fly on the wall, as we catch up with one another and discuss all things Hollywood, to empower those who are just starting out by discussing some ways to play safely in this fabulous, but often dangerous and secretive, playground.

This conversation IS the real deal about Hollywood — case closed!

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AJ Benza