A Chat with Chanel Halimi about Quarter-Life Crisis and Twenty Somethings and Treatment

Today, my Spotlight illuminates Chanel Halimi, currently a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in Santa Monica.

We are talking about the issues that “twenty-somethings” face these days, and various ways to help them cope. She uses an integrated approach to treat adults, adolescents, and families who are dealing with a variety of issues.

In response to her observations of the struggles young adults are facing in this country (what has been referred to as the “Quarter-Life Crisis”), Chanel became passionate about providing services to this population, and she works with them as well as facilitates groups that do exactly that.

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Chanel Halimi

A Conversation with Noah Rothschild LMFT: Healing the Child Within and a New Approach to Trauma and Recovery

Today, my spotlight shines on Noah Rothschild LMFT, renowned recovery and inner child expert and speaker.

We will discuss how recovery from trauma and the root of addiction lie in reclaiming the child within.

Noah gives practical tools and techniques to connect with and rebirth this child. He will speak with me about how he assists and empowers his psychotherapy clients using 4 key components and a unique holistic approach.

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Noah Rothschild LMFT

An Interview With Michaela Haas, Phd about the uplifting science of posttraumatic growth and her book, ‘Bouncing Forward’ and Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs

Today my spotlight is on the studies of Michaela Haas, PhD and the experiences that she has had that led to the writing of her book, “Bouncing Forward.”

Michaela draws from her conversations with civil rights icon Maya Angelou, autistic pioneer Temple Grandin, and famed jazz guitarist Coco Shumann, who played for his life in Aushwitz.

This is a powerful conversation about resilience and reshaping the way we think about crisis.

Scholar, Author, reporter and television host Michaela Haas connects cutting-edge research to ancient Buddhist wisdom as a twenty year student of meditation, and she discusses a holistic context for growth and healing.

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Michaela Haas, PhD

A Conversation With Elan Carter Price about the temptations that surrounded The Temptations and Growing up in a Celebrity Household

The Spotlight this week is on the stunning bright light that is Elan Carter-Price, formerly a successful Model and Actress who is now finding additional success as a Producer and Writer.

Elan is the owner of TracingLondon Entertainment Productions.

This is an empowering conversation about being the child of a famous celebrity, and all of the experiences this entails.

Elan’s father, Otis Williams, is the Original and Founding member of what is remembered as the very first famous “boy band,” THE TEMPTATIONS.

We will talk about the experiences that shaped her world, from traveling with them and being around other band members’ addictions and coping with that, to the privileges and pitfalls of being one of the few minorities where she grew up, yet having the status of being from a famous family.

Please tune in and listen and learn, as Elan shares some of her fascinating personal experiences and anecdotes.

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Elan Carter-Price