Colleague: Jennifer McDougall

Dr. Danielle Delaney is successful in what she does because she does it from her heart.

She is driven to help those in need of trauma counseling, who are in need of intervention from drug or alcohol abuse, and she helps to assist and to pair those in need of accompaniment with one of her company’s Sober Companions. That’s not all.

Danielle has a talk and radio show (‘The Real Deal With Danielle Delaney’ on VoiceAmerica) that helps to educate so many people around the world on various topics regarding addiction, mental health, and clinical psychology. Her passion is transparent and working with her is an absolute delight.

Dr. Delaney is extremely educated in her field and knows how to best help those in need of crisis therapy.

During the time that I have worked with Danielle, I’ve seen her help many people from all across the globe and bring them to Passages, where they have been treated and healed to go on and live a life free from addiction.

It is because of Danielle & DDC, Inc.’s dedication that many people who once struggled with trauma and addiction, no longer have to do so. She is on a wonderful mission and it’s truly beautiful to see all that she’s doing in helping to improve the lives of others.

– Jennifer McDougall

Digital Marketing | Social Media Manager, Passages Malibu