Colleague: Dr. Richard Allen Williams, MD, FACC

Richard Allen Williams

‘Expect Delays’ should be required reading for anyone coping with a traumatic experience or attempting to help a loved one or patient to do so.

Dr. Danielle Delaney has obviously been there and holds the roadmap to healing with your soul intact. The manner in which Danielle explains that delays are to be expected, embraced and turned into strengths is unusually concise and intuitive.

Perhaps because she has been there herself, Danielle knows the territory better than the rest, and in a way that others armed with even the best book learning of this area of expertise could ever hope for…there is no substitute for living, breathing life experience.

Accept no substitute.

Danielle bravely fought for her life more than once, and continues to come out on top. Fortunately for her patients, she came through the other side and is now a living example of how to dance gracefully back into the spotlight of your own life. I am duly impressed. Expect to be both disarmed and charmed by Delaney and by ‘Expect Delays,’ as was I.

Both Dr. Danielle Delaney and her story of tenacious survival and sheer will against the odds are entirely worthy of your full attention. Nobody does it better. I should know…I happen to be her proud father.


– Dr. Richard Allen Williams, M.D., FACC, FAHA, FACP

117th President, National Medical Association
Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine
Founder, Association of Black Cardiologists
President/CEO, Minority Health Institute, Inc.
Named “Ethnic Physician of the Year,” California Medical Association Foundation
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Distinguished International Humanitarian Awardee, National Council of Women of the United States
Lifesaver Award, American Heart Association, 2014