A Conversation With Elan Carter Price about the temptations that surrounded The Temptations and Growing up in a Celebrity Household

The Spotlight this week is on the stunning bright light that is Elan Carter-Price, formerly a successful Model and Actress who is now finding additional success as a Producer and Writer.

Elan is the owner of TracingLondon Entertainment Productions.

This is an empowering conversation about being the child of a famous celebrity, and all of the experiences this entails.

Elan’s father, Otis Williams, is the Original and Founding member of what is remembered as the very first famous “boy band,” THE TEMPTATIONS.

We will talk about the experiences that shaped her world, from traveling with them and being around other band members’ addictions and coping with that, to the privileges and pitfalls of being one of the few minorities where she grew up, yet having the status of being from a famous family.

Please tune in and listen and learn, as Elan shares some of her fascinating personal experiences and anecdotes.

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Elan Carter-Price