An Interview With Michaela Haas, Phd about the uplifting science of posttraumatic growth and her book, ‘Bouncing Forward’ and Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs

Today my spotlight is on the studies of Michaela Haas, PhD and the experiences that she has had that led to the writing of her book, “Bouncing Forward.”

Michaela draws from her conversations with civil rights icon Maya Angelou, autistic pioneer Temple Grandin, and famed jazz guitarist Coco Shumann, who played for his life in Aushwitz.

This is a powerful conversation about resilience and reshaping the way we think about crisis.

Scholar, Author, reporter and television host Michaela Haas connects cutting-edge research to ancient Buddhist wisdom as a twenty year student of meditation, and she discusses a holistic context for growth and healing.

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Michaela Haas, PhD