Raymond Aaron – NY Times Best Selling Author

Dr. Danielle Delaney, Th.D. is beyond passionate about guiding you through the dramatically difficult territory of healing from trauma.

She has extensive expertise from living through rape and crisis herself, as well as being extraordinarily trained and experienced and at the very top upper echelon of practitioners in the fields of Trauma Recovery, Spiritual Counseling, and Addiction Aftercare.

Dr. Delaney teaches with compassion, guides with her whole heart and her soul, and, through Expect Delays, she will help you on your spiritual path to finding your way back to yourself by showing you how she did it herself.

Dr. Delaney’s personal journey has shown her the pitfalls encountered in healing from violence.

She takes you through her own harrowing experience of trauma, and also shares with you a unique perspective as both a Survivor and a Counselor, guiding you with strategies to overcome your own trauma.

Dr. Delaney explains and shares with you why you should indeed expect delays in your personal recovery, and why it is desirable to embrace them as part of your journey.

She speaks to you with respect and understanding, and from the vantage point of having been through it personally, using her philosophies and techniques for you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Do not delay in reclaiming your life or in utilizing the wisdom to open the door to your own healing; this book is the key to unlocking the door to your recovery!

I endorse Dr. Delaney and highly recommend for you to learn from her wisdom by reading this book.

Expect Delays is a must-read for you, given that you have experienced different levels of trauma in your own life, or you love others who have.

Dr. Delaney is simply dazzling with her writing style, and with her care, empathy and expertise. Do not miss out on reading this book!

– Raymond Aaron

New York Times Bestselling Author

Colleague: Christina Adams

Danielle Delaney is a highly regarded person of her industry. This work is her passion and she is uniquely dedicated.

It is her experience as well as her personal touch and style in helping others that will always set her apart and well above the rest. Her availability and mobility as a Concierge Counselor are a huge asset, as she is able to travel where she is needed and be physically present.

Some of the life experiences that she has endured and which have shaped her world have made her that much stronger, and that much more compelling as an expert at helping others to heal in various ways.

As a professional colleague and friend, I am struck by her integrated professionalism and compassion.

She truly impacts individuals in a way that is multi- faceted and that demonstrates her commitment and willingness to go the extra mile to transform lives. Observing her as a Sober Coach and Counselor, Crisis Counselor and Life Coach, I will not hesitate to recommend her as Best In Show in her field.

Danielle is a person who will stop at nothing to facilitate her clients to higher purpose and performance. Her volunteer interests and past experience highlight her stellar abilities. Danielle is a compelling speaker and writer with outstanding credentials and a spotless track record in guiding others in making sense of the chaotic world around them.

 – Christina Adams

Staff Nurse, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Colleague: Sylvia Anderson

The first time I met Danielle, I was immediately captured by her positive energy.

Having not knowing her full story, I was captivated by the absolute tenacity she possesses. Alternatively, she, not knowing much about me, drew out facets of my life in such an empathetic and compassionate way.

Now that I know Danielle a little better, I’ve come to realize just how valuable she is in her life’s work. She is likely one of the most intelligent, driven and motivating individuals I’ve met.

Whether she’s speaking to the masses or one-on-one, Danielle’s message is one of love, hope, kindness and survival.

– Sylvia Anderson

RadioMD Editor in Chief, RadioMD Producer

Colleague: Christopher Scott Pearson

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Danielle Delaney for about 5 years now. I cannot recommend her enough!

In these 5 years, I’ve seen her engaged in deeply meaningful and powerful work with her clients in the field of mental health counseling, sober coaching,and trauma and crisis work. I have experienced first hand the work she has done, the people she has touched, and the success stories she has helped to create.

The most beautiful thing is– it is done with a deep sense of spirit, warmth, empathy, dedication, and intuition that one does not see very often in this line of work.

Danielle is able to reach her clients at that soul level and assist each individual in creating lasting change… and she has this way about her, this charisma, that makes the process truly enjoyable!

She clearly demonstrates this mastery with her clients, but also imparts this energy and vision in connecting with her colleagues, business acquaintances, and others who cross her path.

This rare mix of empathy, humor, sensitivity, spirit, and ambition sets a great example for the rest us, and explains why everyone loves working with Danielle– no matter what role they play in her life!

I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough and I have only optimistic predictions for your future with her!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and best wishes along your path.

Blessings 🙂

– Christopher Scott Pearson

Marriage and Family Psychotherapist Intern (MFTI#88052)
Certified Mental Health Counselor/Life Coach