Client: Kim Moger

Danielle has saved my life not once but twice.

I was referred to her as a crisis interventionist and counselor. Initially she assisted me as a sober companion during a difficult time from a rehab facility in CA to my home and back. Then, she came to me as I had subsequent struggles and assisted me with guided care in my home after I relapsed a few times.

She provided me with care, guidance and security while I was going thru a difficult time.

She is easy and comfortable to be around and of course, completely non-judgmental having walked this path herself. She is an expert in her field and devoted to changing lives for the better – I am so thankful she helped to change mine!

– Kim Moger

Aflac Regional Sales Coordinator; Talent acquisition; employee benefits; business solutions.

Client: Charmaine Werth

Danielle Delaney was a true saviour to my daughter and our family after she was having a difficult time coping with a violation.

She did not want to go on with university. She did not want to go on with life. Danielle was there when we needed her and continued to be there, months after. She is true. She is the real deal. Thank you Danielle!

– Charmaine Werth

Colleague: Ross Remien

I’ve been working with Danielle for almost 5 years now. She has been such a pleasure to work with.

Danielle is especially thoughtful and and always on the ball when dealing with her clients. Danielle is extremely honest about how she can be most effective in each situation, and honesty is very important when dealing with our population.  

Her intervention skills and her manner in speaking with her clients in crisis situations are top notch.  I’m lucky to walk with her in this industry.

– Ross Remien

Owner, Rebos Treatment Center

Jim Michaels

A very solid individual with a strong moral compass. I have always found her to be dependable and a great confidante.

If you are someone who may require her services, know that you are getting one of the best.

– Jim Michaels

Producer / Director at Warner Bros.