Courage to Thrive: A Motivational Interview with Dr. Stephen Trudeau the ‘Psych on the Bike’

This week, the Spotlight is on the energetic, positive and talented Dr. Stephen Trudeau. He will share with us his strategies for living an empowered and courageous life of not just surviving, but thriving!

We will discuss his book, challenges that he has overcome, and his philosophy and his history.

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Dr. Stephen Trudeau

Discussing Body Image with ‘BAYWATCH’ Actress Angelica Bridges

Angelica Bridges and I will be discussing Body Image, the very concept of Beauty, what it means in our world today, and how children and others perceive, misunderstand, and relate to beauty.

Angelica is the ideal person to ask: she has been voted one of the Top 50 Most Beautiful Women in The World by Esquire Magazine, also by Maxim and FHM Magazines, and starred on ‘The Most Watched Television Show in the World.’

I will also briefly touch upon the topic of Eating Disorders and my own experience with Body Image, and hope to educate others on the concept of beauty truly being only skin deep.

Angelica has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and is a television host, singer, producer and philanthropist. She is also the Author of ‘Love 360’ coming out in December of 2016.

She has headlined shows as the lead singer and performer in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, has guest starred and recurred on over 20 tv shows and been in over 25 national commercial spots including Super Bowl commercials.

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Angelica Bridges

A Conversation With Elan Carter Price about Bullying in Private Schools and How the System can create Change

The Spotlight this week is on the stunning bright light that is Elan Carter-Price, formerly a successful Model and Actress who is now finding additional success as a Producer and Writer. Elan is the owner of TracingLondon Entertainment Productions.

She is an outspoken advocate for Anti-Bullying Campaigns in schools. This is an empowering conversation about Bullying and about what needs to change in the school system.

She will discuss private vs public school experiences, how race and parental status play into the equation, as well as what advocates can do.

Please tune in and listen and learn, as Elan shares some of her personal experiences and anecdotes about Bullying as a child herself, and what she witnesses in the schools currently, as a parent.

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Elan Carter Price

A discussion with Erica Sweet, Founder of Sweet Science Living about Modern and Mindful Living and Meditation

Today, Erica Sweet of Sweet Science Living will be in my spotlight as she discusses her training as an Integrative Health Coach from Duke School of Integrated Medicine.

We will talk about the science and history that supports the practice of Mindfulness, and about her workshops and one on one sessions, events, and Sweetshops that she hosts from coast to coast to spread this practice to her Modern + Mindful Tribe.

Erica will guide, inspire and motivate listeners to a higher understanding of the life enhancing benefits of meditation!

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Erica Sweet